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Beats off to a flying start, Rogers claims

By | Published on Tuesday 29 April 2014

Beats Music

Beats is doing just fine, thank you very much. 100 days in and everything is just swell. Got that?

Billboard’s analysis of the new streaming service on the block’s first 100 days earlier this month, through quotes from label sources, found its performance somewhat lacking. However, a review by CEO Ian Rogers on the official Beats Music blog is positively glowing. It’s almost as if you can’t really get a clear picture of a company’s success after just 100 days in business.

Rogers wrote: “100 days in and the rate of conversion from trial to paid has far surpassed our projections by more than 40%, and 33% of our overall subscriptions have come through AT&T. But we didn’t stop there either. We saw that more than half our listeners are using the service through an iPhone or iPad and so we added the ability to pay with your Apple ID just over a week ago. As a result, we’ve had a five times increase in our daily paid conversion”.

Exact subscriber numbers, as you’d expect, weren’t forthcoming, but Rogers did reveal some stats, including that users have so far created over two million playlists on the service, and have played 690 years worth of music from Beats’ own curated playlists. Also, he says, “engagement is off the charts’, with 60% of all those users using the service more than once a day.

Read Rogers’ full blog post here.