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Bee Gees stage musical in the pipeline

By | Published on Thursday 9 November 2017

Bee Gees

They are making a stage musical about the Bee Gees because, well, pretty much everyone assumes that musical already exists, so they might as well actually make it. So they are. Hurrah! Barry Gibb’s involved. In case you wondered. Which you possibly did. And well done you for remembering which of the Bee Gees isn’t dead.

The musical extravaganza will see the two Universal companies collaborating again, they being Universal Pictures and Universal Music, which share a brand despite having different owners. They also share a love of all things Bee Gees, of course, the mega-major now representing the group’s recordings and publishing catalogue.

The stage show division of Universal Pictures will lead on the project, which was confirmed by the movie firm’s President Jimmy Horowitz. He said: “On behalf of the entire company, we take great pride in collaborating with Barry on developing a stage musical that captures the scope and significance of his family’s incredible story”.

Don’t worry though, Universal Music chief Lucian Grainge was also on hand with some words. “The Bee Gees are among the world’s most influential and commercially successful artists”, mused he. “We’re honoured to represent their publishing and recorded music catalogues and we’re THRILLED to be involved in this important new project with Jimmy and his team”.