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Beef Of The Week #207: The Black Keys v The Black Keys

By | Published on Friday 23 May 2014

Black Keys

Now, we all know that the good old Black Keys aren’t shy of a little casual beefing from time to time. There was the light post-Grammy beefing with Bieber (well, more the Beliebers), the declaring to Rolling Stone that Jack White “sounds like an asshole”, and the recent reckoning that the new posthumous Michael Jackson album ‘Xscape’ – which happen to be released on the same day as the duo’s new record – was “bullshit”.

Though do take note, all these contentious remarks stem from the same half of The Black Keys, ie drumming man Patrick Carney. Meanwhile his cohort Dan Auerbach has never had anything bad to say about anybody in his entire life. He loves Bieber. And White. And Jackson. And you. So mild mannered is he, in fact, that when he describes his partner in crime’s regular media jibes as “pretty stupid” we know he’s actually really pissed off about it all. Really pissed off.

Well, definitely mildly pissed off. Or not really pissed off at all. One of those. But this is the Beef Of The Week column, so let’s read this quote in a very angry voice.

According to QMI, when asked about some of Carney’s recent disses, Auberbach remarked: “I think they’re pretty stupid sometimes. He generally regrets them after he says them… he’s always been like that. He’s done it a bunch [of times] where he’s said something bad about somebody and then completely regrets it, [and] then runs into that person”.

Asked if he couldn’t just sit the drummer boy down and tell him to keep his mouth shut, Auberbach added: “It doesn’t work… he just doesn’t seem to filter anything”.

Though as the self-declared champions of pop beefing, more power to Carney’s mouth we say. Shut it Auberbach. Bieber doesn’t deserve any Grammys. White is an asshole. And ‘Xscape’ is bullshit.