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Beth Ditto to publish autobiography

By | Published on Thursday 17 March 2011

Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto has revealed that she is to publish an autobiography, co-written with American author Michelle Tea, entitled ‘Coal To Diamonds’.

The Gossip frontwoman told the NME that she hasn’t held back in revealing her private life in the book, saying: “The only stuff I’m embarrassed talking about in it is the first Gossip album [‘That’s Not What I Heard’]. That was kind of embarrassing, but people already know about that. In that first album there was stuff about going down on girls, which was pretty cringeworthy. But for the most part I just take it all in my stride, it’s fine. I don’t get embarrassed easily. I don’t. I could show you my butt cheeks now and I’d be fine about it”.

She added: “There’s some shit in there that is going to seriously shock the crap out of everyone. Things that are going to make people forget about me eating squirrels. Totally eclipse it”.

She means the book, not her butt cheeks there, by the way.