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Beyonce and Jay-Z end Tidal exclusive on new album

By | Published on Tuesday 19 June 2018

Beyonce & Jay-Z

While they may be stubbornly holding back their most recent solo albums from all streaming services other than Tidal, Beyonce and Jay-Z have already given up on the exclusivity for their new joint album ‘Everything Is Love’.

The new record is now available to subscribers on Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited, and on Spotify and Deezer’s premium tiers. It will reportedly be available to ad-funded Spotify users in two weeks’ time, meaning they are employing the standard two week premium-only window option added into Spotify’s most recent label deals.

On one track on the album, ‘NICE’, Beyonce raps: “Patiently waiting for my demise cause my success can’t be quantified, if I gave two fucks about streaming numbers woulda put ‘Lemonade’ up on Spotify”. Good rhyme there, good rhyme.

But while ‘Lemonade’ is still only available to stream via the family business, Beyonce is already promoting ‘Everything Is Love’ – which is listed as being by The Carters – via her Spotify profile. Jay-Z’s largely dormant Spotify profile remains largely dormant, though.

The new album was surprised released on Saturday as Jay-Z and Beyonce performed the final show of their UK tour at the London Stadium.