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Beyonce damns cameraphone fan

By | Published on Thursday 18 July 2013


So, the ‘anti-cameraphones-at-shows’ rally, to date backed by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Savages and CMU Editor Andy Malt, has a new champion; and she is Beyonce.

The R&B star chastised a lens-waving fan at a gig in Atlanta earlier this week, breaking mid-‘Irreplaceable’ to say to him: “You can’t even sing because you’re too busy taping. I’m right in your face, baby. You gotta seize this moment. Put that damn camera down!”

Granted, given the ban she slapped on all pro photogs (bar one) at her shows back in April, she may have had another, vainer motive in asking him to stop filming. Still, the moral of this story remains the same; put that damn camera down.