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Bieber avoids deposition and possible arrest by settling paparazzo lawsuit

By | Published on Wednesday 2 November 2016

Justin Bieber

Don’t worry people, Justin Bieber has settled that outstanding paparazzo lawsuit, which means he won’t have to return to the US for a deposition, which means he can fully focus his energies on that ongoing project to silence the pop fans of Europe.

As previously reported, last month a judge in Florida ordered the Biebster to sit down and give a deposition within 30 days or face the prospect of being arrested and brought to court. The judge wanted the singer to answer questions under oath about a run in he had with paparazzo Manuel Muñoz in Miami two years ago. The snapper had accused one of Bieber’s bodyguards of beating him up and taking his camera’s memory card, and was suing the popstar for damages.

Muñoz’s lawyer, Mark DiCowden, said that Bieber had both ignored and refused previous requests to attend a deposition, which is why he turned to the judge to try and force the singer into showing up to answer some questions. But, with those 30 days nearly up, DiCowden this week announced that the legal dispute between his client and the singer had now been resolved.

Terms of the settlement are confidential. And even if Bieber did decide to reveal them, his fans would be too busy screaming to notice.