Bieber could be questioned over paparazzo altercation

By | Published on Monday 28 May 2012

Justin Bieber

Now, you might believe that if you choose to be a paparazzo for a living you just have to accept that every so often one of the celebrities you’re stalking will snap and you’ll get a bit of a beating. Or perhaps you reckon that stars like Justin Bieber earn so much money that they should just accept that their every move will be documented on film, and learn to steer their cars around persistent snappers.

Anyway, the Bieber could be facing charges of misdemeanour battery after an alleged run in with a photographer in LA County. According to TMZ, eyewitnesses say that an altercation erupted between a photographer and Bieber, who was with celebrity girlfriend Selena Gomez, after the snapper stood in the way of the singing star’s car. The Biebster seemingly got out of the vehicle and asked the photographer to move, but when he refused a “scuffle ensued”.

Police weren’t immediately called, but once the presumably pretty short lived altercation was over the paparazzo contacted officers complaining of a pain in his upper torso and fingering Bieber as the pain deliverer. Though before you feel too sorry for the injured snapper, TMZ says some witnesses have claimed that it was a lawyer at the scene who advised the photographer to call for an ambulance and file a police report, predicting that the man could make lots of money out of the incident.

The Bieber camp are yet to respond to the allegations. It remains to be seen if the paparazzo will claim his run-in with the pop star made him pregnant.