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Bieber given four weeks to collect monkey

By | Published on Thursday 4 April 2013

Justin Bieber

German authorities have given Justin Bieber four weeks to come and collect his pet monkey, which was, as previously reported, quarantined at Munich airport last month as the singer did not have the correct paperwork to take it into the country. If he does not return to Munich to collect the monkey, it will be permanently confiscated and kept in either a shelter or local zoo.

The fourteen week old capuchin monkey, named Mally, was given to Bieber as a present for his nineteenth birthday on 1 Mar. Earlier this week the director of the animal shelter where Mally is currently being cared for told Der Spiegel that Bieber had not yet been in touch about the animal, but said that it was seemingly happy in the shelter.

However, two German animal rights groups have criticised Bieber for keeping the monkey as a pet in the first place.

German Animal Protection Society president Wolfgang Schröder told Der Spiegel: “Bieber must face up to his responsibility, also as a role model for many young people. From the point of view of animal protection he should under no circumstances be allowed to keep the animal that was brought into the country illegally. We also expect him to use his major influence through Facebook and Twitter to apologise and to do more for animal welfare in the future”.

Animal Public’s Laura Zimprich added: “Mally is only fourteen weeks old. Separating her from her mother and taking a living cuddly toy on tour can only be described as animal cruelty”.