Bieber love child alleger has “credible evidence” say lawyers

By | Published on Thursday 3 November 2011

Justin Bieber

While it’s a great story that every tabloid journalist must wish to be true, I think most people assume that Mariah Yeater’s claims, revealed yesterday, that Justin Bieber fathered her new born child during a super speedy shag backstage at a concert in LA just over a year ago, are as untruthful as they are amusing. But the 20 year old’s lawyers insist there is “credible evidence” that Bieber is the father of their client’s recently born child.

As previously reported, in a signed affidavit seen by Star magazine in the US, Yeater claims that she was invited backstage after attending a Bieber show at LA’s Staples Center in October 2010, where the young popster took her to a private area and announced he wanted to “fuck the shit out of her”. She adds that the pop teen refused to wear a condom because it was his “first time” and “he wanted to feel everything”. If the claimant is to be believed, the sexual liaison was short but effective. This has all come to light now because Yeater has asked the LA courts to force the pop star to take a paternity test.

Bieber’s reps immediately denied all the allegations, telling reporters: “While we haven’t yet seen the lawsuit, it’s sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claims. We will vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations”.

The pop star himself took to Twitter to tell his fans he wouldn’t comment directly on the allegations, saying: “All the rumors… the gossip… I’m gonna focus on the positives… the music. With this album [‘Under The Mistletoe’] I’m giving [a] portion of the proceeds to charity … I’m trying to help GIVE BACK… nothing will stop me from that focus. NOTHING. I’m going to ignore the rumors and focus on what is real. An opportunity to help by doing what I love. Judge me on the music! Love y’all!”

But legal reps for Yeater insisted yesterday their client has “credible evidence”, though it’s not at all clear what that is exactly. Once the Star report on the affidavit was out they told reporters: “[Mariah] is pursuing a modest and rightful claim. There is credible evidence that Justin Bieber is in fact the father of her baby. We call upon Justin Bieber and his attorneys to reach out to resolve this issue in a reasonable manner”.

Yeater is certainly taking a risk with her claims. If she is proven to be lying through her teeth she would be guilty of perjury – because the claims are made in a signed affidavit – and would also likely be sued by Beiber for defamation.

And even if her claims were proven to be true, as she was nineteen and Bieber sixteen at the time of the alleged liaison, which took place in California where the age of consent is eighteen, she’d be guilty of having sex with a minor, sometimes referred to as statutory rape. California’s rules on underage sex are amongst the most strict in the US, although there is a concession if – as here – the age difference is three years or less, making the charge a misdemeanour rather than a felony. But, crucially, in California, the age difference concession is not an actual defence and the albeit lesser charge would still stand.

According to, Yeater’s lawsuit against Bieber is due to be heard in court on 15 Dec.