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Bieber monkey heading to the zoo

By | Published on Friday 28 June 2013

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s former pet monkey Mally is doing just fine in Germany, and is now preparing to settle into the Serengeti Park zoo in Hodenhagen, having left quarantine earlier this week.

As previously reported, Bieber was given the capuchin monkey as a gift for his nineteenth birthday, because that’s the sort of thing someone thought was a good idea. He received the pet while on tour and when he arrived in Munich, Mally was confiscated because no one in Bieber’s entourage had thought to get whatever papers they needed in order to travel with a monkey.

As Bieber and his team showed little interest in getting the monkey back, it was eventually confiscated permanently by German authorities and promised a better life (not better than living free from captivity, but better than being the play thing of a spoilt pop brat).

Zoo manager Fabrizio Sepe told BBC Newsbeat: “Mally is a clever little guy and we’re confident that he will settle in quickly”.