Bieber returns to US to secure battery charge

By | Published on Wednesday 27 March 2013

Justin Bieber

So, Justin Bieber nips back to America for a couple of days off from his controversy-ridden European tour and is immediately saddled with accusations of battery from a neighbour.

According to TMZ, just hours after returning to his Californian home, Bieber found himself in a noisy argument with a neighbour. It seems said neighbour was complaining about the parties the pop teen’s mates have been staging at the singer’s house while he’s been away. The Biebster wasn’t in any mood to apologise, it seems, with the popstar’s security eventually escorting the angry local resident off their boss’s property. Said neighbour promptly filed a battery report with local police, alleging that Bieber had threatened him and “made physical contact”.

So that’s all fun for the pop teen, whose various antics while touring Europe in recent weeks have generated plenty of column inches in the newspapers.

And quite a word count on Bieber’s social networks too, where the singer has hit out at all the tabloid gossip, insisted that his behaviour is no different to that of any other nineteen year old guy (because male teens everywhere routinely opt to stroll through Polish airports topless in sub-zero temperatures), and assured his fans that he loves them and will continue to try harder to be a better person. I think God got a namecheck too.

Bieber will return to Europe imminently to resume his tour in Munich.