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Bieber’s birthday bash goes bad, then Barton barges in

By | Published on Monday 4 March 2013

Justin Bieber

Doing his bit to reassure teenagers everywhere that being rich and famous doesn’t necessarily stop you from having a shit birthday party, Justin Bieber started his Friday evening in London by tweeting “gonna be fun tonight” and “big night ahead”, but by 2am the next morning was declaring to the net that this had been his “worst birthday”.

Though, unlike most other nineteen year olds, he did get to contemplate the shittiness of his party while spending the night with rumoured girlfriend Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke back at his luxury hotel.

According to reports, the star’s nineteenth birthday party hit the rocks before it even started when some of the Bieber entourage were refused admission to the popster’s venue of choice, Cirque Du Soir in London’s West End, on account of them clearly not being eighteen. Clarke was among those refused entry as was Jayden ‘son of Will’ Smith, aged seventeen and fourteen respectively.

Those over eighteen in the posse did enter the club, presumably to see if any favours could be pulled from management, but left minutes later. According to the tabs, Bieber’s birthday entourage was then seen visiting a near-by McDonalds before returning to The Langham Hotel.

Cirque Du Soir subsequently confirmed it had turned away the Bieber party, but unlike Manchester club Sankeys, which said the pop star’s dance moves were behind their decision to deny him entry, reps for the London hang out stressed it was simply age restrictions that caused problems on Friday night.

A spokesman said: “We, like all clubs in London, operate a strict age policy. As a few of the members of the party were under the suitable age of eighteen, the security team at Cirque Du Soir London clearly explained this rule and refused entry to the club for anyone who could not provide us with adequate proof of age”.

See, if he wasn’t so rich and famous, Bieber would know to ensure all his underage mates had fake ID with them when hitting the clubs of the West End. Or would at least know which pubs and clubs in Zone 2 have less strict door policies. Thus again proving to his millions of teenage fans around the world why they are arguably better off than he is, even if they don’t get the adoration and performance fees on offer from a four night sell out run at The O2.

Ordinary teens also don’t have to take abuse on Twitter from footballing type Joey Barton, who this weekend called the birthday celebrating Bieber a “little gimp” and a “smack addiction waiting to happen”.

Barton took aim at the Biebster after discovering that him having reached two million followers on Twitter looked rather modest when compared to the pop teen’s 35 million followers on the micro-blogging platform. In fact the footballer seemed rather miffed altogether that the most popular celebs on Twitter are mainly from the pop domain.

Barton wrote: “Just been informed that little gimp Justin Bieber has 35 million followers – WTF! Put my bragging about two million right in its place”, before adding: “35 million?!? What the fucking fuck! He looks little a shaved little bird with earrings. This is a truly fucked up world, if he’s ‘cool'”.

Conceding that that other popular Tweeterer Lady Gaga “has some talent” and “endears herself to the weirdos”, Barton added: “I’d rather flush my head down the toilet daily than be a ‘Belieber’. He’s a smack addiction waiting to happen”. Though, as someone paid millions to kick a ball around a field for three hours a week, you’d think Barton would hold off questioning the popularity of pop stars based on a perceived lack of hard work or general all-round talents.