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Biffy Clyro have beatboxing, ‘weird stoner reggae shit’ going on

By | Published on Thursday 8 May 2014

Biffy Clyro

Simon Neil off of Biffy Clyro has said the band have been playing with lots of strange new songwriting ideas, not least beatboxing, “black metal pop” and “cool stoner reggae shit”, all of which sound like a wild combo. Still, wild is good. I think.

In an interview in this week’s NME, Biffy singer Neil said he’d written in the ballpark of fourteen songs towards a follow-on to 2013’s ‘Opposites’, adding: “I’m really fucking excited about it at the moment. I don’t want people to think the whole album sounds like this, but I’ve written my first ever beatbox song, and I’ve written a black metal pop song which I can’t wait for people to hear. There’s also some cool stoner reggae shit going on, believe it or not. It’s really exciting”.