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Big cinema chains ban US dance festival documentary after preview screening riot

By | Published on Monday 1 August 2011

Electric Daisy Carnival Experience

America’s biggest two cinema chains have announced they won’t be screening a documentary about the US’s biggest dance music event after a private preview screening resulted in a mini-riot in Hollywood.

Trouble seemingly broke out at the preview of the ‘Electric Daisy Carnival Experience’ last week after one of the DJs featured in the documentary, DJ Kaskade, who was DJing at the private launch party, invited his fans to join him via Twitter. But said fans weren’t actually invited, and instead formed a crowd outside the cinema hosting the screening. Said crowd then began clashing with police sent to deal with the large number of people gathering outside the Hollywood venue, resulting in an all out riot.

Which has in turn resulted in the Regal and AMC cinema chains refusing to show the film altogether. Confirming that was so, the festival’s promoter Insomniac said this weekend: “We are very disappointed that Regal and AMC theatres have abruptly decided not to show the ‘Electric Daisy Carnival Experience’. [But the] film has not been cancelled and will continue to be shown in hundreds of theatres nationwide”.

They added: “It is extremely disheartening that some theatres wrongly associated an unaffiliated block party, and its disorderly crowd, with the private screening of the film. The individuals who caused problems outside of our movie premiere were not the same audience, which wants to buy tickets to the film, just as the same people that cause disturbances after a sporting event do not represent all fans of that team”.