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Big Hit Entertainment launches legal action over bootleg BTS merch ahead of US tour

By | Published on Wednesday 1 May 2019


The South Korean music company behind boyband phenomenon BTS has launched legal action in the US, attempting to stop bootleggers from selling knock-off merch outside shows. The group are set to begin a tour of the States this weekend.

In a complaint filed in California, reports The Blast, Big Hit is calling on US authorities to crack down on bootleg merch sellers who it says are infringing its trademarks. It says that unofficial tour programmes, clothing, badges, posters and more are “likely to injure the reputation” of the company due to “inferior” quality.

People selling fake merch outside live shows is a feature of concerts that for the most part the industry turns a blind eye to, recognising how difficult it is to clamp down upon. It’s also unclear how many, if any, punters would think they were getting official merch from some guy set up on the pavement. I bought a knock-off Faith No More t-shirt on the street once because I was cold. It was shit, but I don’t blame the band. Maybe they could have toured at a warmer time, I guess.

Anyway, Big Hit is requesting that the United States Marshals Service patrol venues and seize any unofficial merch it sees on sale. The company also wants to be granted undisclosed damages from dodgy sellers.

BTS are due to hit the UK next month for a two night stand at Wembley Stadium. It remains to be seen if Big Hit attempts to launch similar legal action here.