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Billie Eilish asks fans to stop groping her

By | Published on Wednesday 1 May 2019

Billie Eilish

Just because you’ve handed over money to meet Billie Eilish backstage doesn’t mean you no longer have to adhere to societal norms, OK? She’d quite like people to stop groping her at meet-and-greets.

“Please don’t grab my boobs in the meet-and-greet”, she wrote in an Instagram Story post. “[I] keep playing the shit cool but it is very much not”.

Eilish is currently on tour in Australia and an incident that prompted the post apparently took place at a show in Sydney. She added: “I think what happened last night was just an accident so I acted like I didn’t notice cuz I didn’t want to make her feel bad if she didn’t mean to do it”.

Still, it’s clearly something that happens enough that Eilish feels it’s worth mentioning. I mean, at least ask first. Assuming you like paid photo opps with pop stars to be awkward and unpleasant. Otherwise, maybe just imagine you’re meeting an actual human and don’t even think about doing such a thing in the first place.