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Billy advises “never buy The Sun”

By | Published on Monday 11 July 2011

Billy Bragg

So, the final ever issue of the 168 year old News Of The World was published yesterday as Rupert Murdoch flew into the UK to assess the damage to his British newspaper business, and his bid to take complete ownership of BSkyB, following the many dramatic developments in the phone hacking scandal last week. And he immediately threw his total support behind his UK chief Rebekah Brooks.

The scandal looks to dominate the UK news agenda for some time yet, as various politicians look to block (or seriously delay) the aforementioned Sky deal, and police investigations and public inquiries move forward. Meanwhile, the story went well and truly global after last week’s revelations, though word has it that widespread public anger in the US – the heart of Murdoch’s News Corp empire – was short lived, meaning any American dimension of the crisis probably depends on whether allegations the News Of The World attempted to hack the voicemails of 9/11 victims are proven to be true.

But hey, this is an ‘and finally’ story, let’s keep it light. And as Jarvis Cocker pretended to wipe his arse with a copy of the final NOTW at T In The Park yesterday, good old Billy Bragg set the whole scandal to song. Called ‘Never Buy The Sun’, his lyrics target the Sunday paper’s still alive and possibly soon to expand to seven-days-a-week sister title The Sun, noting that the paper has never sold well in Liverpool since its coverage of the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989. Hear the song here: