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Billy Bragg to lead at next MusicTank debate

By | Published on Friday 31 January 2014

Billy Bragg

MusicTank has announced its next event, which will focus on both the hoo and the haa that has surrounded the growth of the streaming music sector in the last year, and especially what the move towards ad and subscription-funded all-you-can-eat music services means for the artist community.

And leading the debate will be Billy Bragg, who first shared his views on the matter via Facebook last November (those planning on attending the MusicTank event who don’t want to know the result should turn away from this report here).

Confirming the topic for his group’s next discussion, MusicTank Chairman Keith Harris told CMU: “Streaming represents a significant shift in the way people consume music, and as a new model its growing prevalence cannot be ignored. If this is to be the future, then all parties need to understand how they will come to be paid, and that’s an area that for many artists is still unclear. It is our hope that with the input of our expert speakers, MusicTank can help shed some light on this subject”.

The event takes place on 7 Apr in London, details here.