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Billy Corgan opens vegan tearoom

By | Published on Friday 14 September 2012

Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan yesterday cut the ribbon on his new pet establishment Madame ZuZu’s, which sounds slightly like it might be a brothel but is, in fact, a 1930s China-style ‘tea house’ in Highland Park, Illinois.

Originally meant to open in the spring (which it didn’t because of various construction setbacks), the 30 capacity tea-ery will also have space for an art gallery and live performance area, the idea being that it’ll eventually become a cultural ‘hub’ for Chicago artisans.

Speaking via an official press release prior to a first day’s service, self-confessed “tea guy” Corgan said: “I’ve always wanted to open a salon like this for everyone to enjoy. This is a place with no age boundaries. We hope to attract everyone from young students to seniors. With a blend of music, photo galleries, art displays and speakers, I think Madame ZuZu’s offers something for everyone”.

Punters are also promised a “gentle atmosphere”, “teas from around the globe” and “light vegan pastries from all spheres”, which all sounds very cosy, very cute. Not that it’s anything like your average tea or coffee shop, oh no.

Describing his model for Madame ZuZu’s to the Chicago Eater last December, a pre-build Billy said: “Starbucks is all about ‘sameness’ and it attracts the same fucking people. I don’t want to hang out with those people. I’m not into that cookie-cutter culture”.

All good to know.