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BIS three-strikes report delayed

By | Published on Friday 3 September 2010

Yesterday we reported that the government’s Department For Business Innovation & Skills was about to publish the findings of its consultation on who should pay for any three-strikes anti-piracy system as set up by the Digital Economy Act.

As previously reported, it was originally suggested the content owners who use the system to target file-sharers should cover 75% of the costs, with said file-sharers’ internet service provider covering the other 25%. Although both sides want their share to be lower, the BIS department, who have been consulting all concerned, are expected to stick with the 75/25 proposal.

But we won’t know that for certain for at least another week because their report, originally due out today (actually, originally due out last week), now won’t be out for at least another week. It’s possible the BIS are delaying their report so they can publish at the same time as another consultation on three-strikes being undertaken by media regulator OfCom, which was originally also due out this week but which has been pushed back to later in the month.