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Björk to release acoustic version of latest album

By | Published on Wednesday 7 October 2015


Björk is set to release an acoustic version of her ‘Vulnicura’ album on 6 Nov. The stripped back version of the record will feature just strings, voice and viola organista (which is a thing, I just Googled it).

Says Björk: “While I was working on ‘Vulnicura’, it became one of the most magical thing both musically and spiritually to unite the electronics and the acoustic instruments in an almost romantic way – to prove they can co-exist! … But while working on it I felt somehow for the first time, this was an album that could take another version – a reveal, to simply have the acoustics stand on their own for the folks who wanna indulge even further into the wooden timeless side of this music”.

Here’s the acoustic version of ‘Lionsong’: