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Black Sabbath announce tour-only CD for farewell jaunt

By | Published on Wednesday 20 January 2016

Black Sabbath

Have you been wondering if Black Sabbath would release more new music before their farewell tour comes to an end? Well wonder no more, because, yes, that is what they are going to do. But you’ll have to go to one of those shows to get it. Or eBay. You know it’ll be on eBay.

The tour-only CD will feature four tracks rejected from their last album, ’13’, along with four live recordings, plus artwork by Shepard Fairey.

“We went into the studio with thirteen songs – which is why the [last] album is called ’13′”, explained bassist Geezer Butler, according to Billboard. “We thought we’d put out an album of thirteen songs, but when we were in the studio we wrote another three songs, which brought it up to sixteen and then we left it to [the album’s producer] Rick Rubin to pick which songs would go on the album. To give it some light and shade he picked the eight songs that we on the ’13’ album. We put a few songs on deluxe versions of the album and then we had the four left over, and we decided to do a gig-only CD”.

I hope you were keeping up with all that, maths fans. Basically, Black Sabbath have some stuff knocking around that they previously thought not good enough to release, and now they want to sell it before the opportunity passes.

Deluxe editions of the band’s first three albums are also due for release (in the US) this week. Meanwhile, for UK fans, the sole date on Black Sabbath’s schedule is a headline slot on the Saturday night of this year’s Download Festival.