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Bloc Party comment on split rumours

By | Published on Thursday 29 September 2011

Bloc Party

Various people involved with Team Bloc Party have commented on reports that the band are seeking a replacement for frontman Kele Okereke.

As previously reported, guitarist Russell Lissack told NME this week: “Kele’s been pretty busy doing solo stuff and it looks like he’s going to be doing that a bit longer. The other three of us wanted to meet up and make music. We were talking about just doing an instrumental thing, but now we might get a singer as well, to properly put some music out and play some shows”.

Commenting on that, Okereke wrote on his blog: “Hmm, I don’t know what to make of this. A big part of me is laughing HARD at all of this but another part of me is all like WTF? I’m quite curious as to what a Bloc Party audition would be like? I wonder if they would let me sit on the panel so I could be a judge Tyra Banks style?”

Meanwhile, Si White, who co-manages both Bloc Party and Kele’s solo career, tweeted yesterday: “For those that keep asking, Bloc Party’s membership consists of the same four people it has consisted of since 2003”.

The band issued an even more succinct statement via their website, saying: “Bloc Party is still Bloc Party. See you soon”.

As previously noted, it’s not clear if any activity minus Okereke will be carried out as Bloc Party or under a separate name. Also, the inclusion of the line “it looks like he’s going to be doing that a bit longer” suggests that Lissack is expecting him to come back at some point.