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Bloc Party reveal plans to work on new album

By | Published on Thursday 7 April 2011

Bloc Party

Russell Lissack has confirmed to NME that he and fellow Bloc Party star Kele Okereke have been making plans to work on a new album. The band have, of course, been on hold since Okereke decided to concentrate on his solo record in 2009, and Lissack has recently been touring with Ash. Rumours that the band might be getting back together began when Ash confirmed Lissack would be leaving their live set up later this year.

Lissack explained:  “Well, we met up at Christmas – that was really nice – and talked about doing another record… Kele and I started working on Bloc Party stuff together and separately. We’re having a bit of a break until the festivals are over, because people have commitments during the summer, but we’re going to get back properly in September and sit in a rehearsal studio to work on new band material.”

He added that the hiatus has only fueled his enthusiasm for the band: “I really missed hanging out with those guys. I’ve been friends with Kele since we were kids, but we’ve not really seen each other much since the break. In fact, I’ve not really seen a lot of the other guys either… I’ve also really missed playing some of our songs again. The time away has really just reignited the passion I have for Bloc Party.”