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Blondie to star in their own graphic novel

By | Published on Friday 26 February 2021


Blondie are gearing up to publish what we are repeatedly told in an announcement will be their “first ever” graphic novel. Like it would usually be expected for an artist to have had multiple graphic novels under their belts by now. Well, whatever, it’s coming out and it’s called ‘Blondie: Against The Odds’.

Written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, the book is inspired by classic tracks and some lesser-known Blondie songs, and the band’s early years – fleshed out with Palmiotti’s own memories of New York at that time.

“I think it would be impossible to give Blondie and the downtown New York music scene the proper respect and visceral representation it deserves if I didn’t live through it”, says Palmiotti. “My life was comic books and music, and there was no more exciting time in my life than when Blondie hit the music scene. Amanda and I are having a blast telling the story of the band and how they went from killing it on stage in small clubs to becoming an unstoppable worldwide sensation”.

Conner adds: “When I was a growing up – and still pretty much to this day – a few of the things I loved were music, comic book heroes, ultra-cool style, and a wicked, wild, and weird sense of humour. Blondie embodies all those things, and when I listen to their music, I can’t not dance. Or if I have to sit and work for long hours, I can’t not at least bounce and bop along in my seat. As a teenager, Debbie Harry was one of the superheroes I wanted to grow up to be. In fact, I still wanna grow up to be her”.

The book will be published by Z2 Comics in autumn this year and is available to pre-order in various versions – including a super deluxe edition that will be bundled with a yet-to-be-revealed Blondie boxset. Be warned, the cheapest edition will still cost you more than £70, before you add in shipping costs. So, I guess you really have to have been chomping at the bit for Blondie to finally release their first ever graphic novel.