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Blossoms announce debut album

By | Published on Wednesday 18 May 2016


Blossoms were heavily tipped as ones to watch in 2016, so I hope you’re watching. Look, here they are announcing the news that they will release their debut album, which is also called ‘Blossoms’. Nice and efficient. If you’re going to watch a band for a full year, you want them to be efficient, and album titling is a great place to achieve that.

“Fundamentally we want to be a great pop band”, says front man Tom Ogden, creating further efficiency by re-using a line wheeled out by every indie band since 2006. “We’re influenced by the present as much as the past and we want to sound as modern as we can. We want to sound like a band who could only ever exist now, not then”.

“All the songs are very personal to me as they’re about my relationships”, he continues. That’s also smart, only writing about one thing. Efficient. “I tend to write my best lyrics when I’m miserable and heartbroken, but placing that over music that’s very melodic, very pop, but with our own strange twist”.

‘Blossoms’ will be out on 5 Aug. Now check out recent single ‘Getaway’, which clocks in at the perfect and most efficient length of exactly three minutes: