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Blur bullied “annoying” Alex James

By | Published on Tuesday 31 July 2012

Alex James

Alex James – photographed here vying with his Big Feastival business partner, Jamie Oliver, for the title of ‘world’s most annoying food/music festival co-host’ – has confessed to The Sun that he was infinitely more annoying in Blur’s 1990s golden era, so much so that bandmates Graham Coxon, Damon Albarn and Dave Rowntree would punish him via blows to the face. Unimaginable, and yet true.

Speaking through ‘tears of laughter’ to The Sun, the jocular bassist remembers: “There was one time when I had two black eyes and a head butt in between. I think I was the most annoying! When I look back, I can see that it was no way to run a business but there was also real joy for all of us in playing music and that somehow ironed out all the fights”.

He adds: “The main talent for a bass player is the haircut and turning up on time. I even had a haircut on the way in today, I was here on time and everyone else is fucking late”.

Speaking in praise of the odd bout of in-band James-bashing, a ‘fucking late’ Graham Coxon adds: “I think creative tension is misconstrued by a lot people. It’s actually a really good thing. We were quite fortunate that we could all input ideas that would work. There’s no such thing as musical differences with us”.

The real reason Blur were talking to The Sun, by the way, was to discuss ‘Blur 21’, their deluxe 21-disc boxset. It’s out now, so if you like deluxe 21-disc Blur boxsets, you should buy it. If not, don’t.