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Blur may release another album. Or they may not. Who knows? Not you. Not them. No one. And yet here we are talking about it.

By | Published on Thursday 30 April 2015


For years there was endless speculation about whether or not Blur would release a new album. This was largely fuelled by members of the band variously stating that they were or were not going to. Then they announced ‘The Magic Whip’ and we were all finally able to get on with our lives. Except, no. Bloody Alex James has already started talking about the possibility of another album. Will it never end?

“Nobody knew the answer to the question ‘Will Blur make a new album?’ for twelve years, so it’s incredible [that] everyone is asking again already”, James told that NME (I was not aware anyone was asking this, but whatever). “Whether any other stuff from [the recording sessions for ‘The Magic Whip’] will ever emerge, who knows? But coming up with new music has never been Blur’s problem. If you get the four of us in the studio in the right frame of mind, we’ll always make new music”.

So there’s some hope for anyone who wants another Blur album. But to ensure the necessary level of doubt, he added that “for many reasons, Blur is always in danger of drifting apart”.

Enjoy it while it lasts, people! Actually, I have been enjoying ‘The Magic Whip’. Particularly this track: