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BMG partners with sister companies on new podcasting venture

By | Published on Monday 13 July 2020


BMG is jumping on the podcasting bandwagon. And why not? It’s a super cool bandwagon to be on. If a little bit crowded these days.

The music firm is teaming up with other businesses in Bertelsmann group for all these podcasting fun times, namely telly show maker Fremantle and the book publishers Penguin Random House and DK. The new venture is called Storyglass and is part of a programme that seeks to facilitate collaborations between different Bertelsmann businesses in the UK called the Bertelsmann Content Alliance.

Storyglass will, says the official blurb, “operate as a standalone Bertelsmann company and focus on developing and producing podcasts of all genres, complementing the output of each of the [Bertelsmann UK] businesses across TV, media, books and music”.

For BMG, it means being able to offer podcast services to artists and songwriters that work with the music firm. “At BMG we put the artist and their brand at the centre of our business”, says the company’s UK President of Marketing & Repertoire, Alistair Norbury.

“We are always looking for new ways to foster their creativity, and the Content Alliance opens up a unique infrastructure to do so. The launch of Storyglass offers a significant extension of our services to artists”. Good times.

But if you want a top quality podcast that’s been riding that bandwagon for fucking ages, get yourself over to Setlist.