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BMG signs Sam Lee

By | Published on Monday 18 March 2013

Sam Lee

BMG Chrysalis has signed an international (except Japan) publishing deal with Mercury Prize nominee Sam Lee.

Folk-loving Lee, who self-released his 2012 LP ‘Ground Of Its Own’ via his own label The Nest Collective, says this of the new publishing alliance: “BMG are brilliant because they’ve got really strong international connections so we can feed into a lot of parts of the industry. I’m in an interesting world because my repertoire is traditional, so the way it works is everywhere I go any musician I collaborate with I bring songs to the table. Anything I do with them is my arrangement”.

BMG’s UK SVP Alexi Cory-Smith adds this pearl: “As soon as I saw Sam perform at the Mercury Awards, it was clear that he was something special and we connected directly at the show. Significantly this was a deal that was finally done by Gareth Smith, our VP Of Marketing & Sync, who is very clear on the potential of Sam’s music. It has a real honesty about it, which really cuts through”.