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Bo Ningen sign to Alcopop! Records

By | Published on Friday 13 March 2020

Bo Ningen

Alcopop! Records has announced that it has signed a new deal with Bo Ningen to release their fourth album, ‘Sudden Fictions’, later this year. The first single from the record, ‘BC’, is out today.

“As if we’ve signed Bo Ningen”, jokes label boss Jack Clothier. “One of the best live acts we’ve ever seen … the music coming up is just unreal”, he then confirms. “We’re absolutely delighted to be welcoming them to the label, and even more delighted to be sharing ‘BC’ with you. What a band”.

Speaking about the new album, guitarist Kohhei Matsuda adds: “After years of countless bifurcation into sub-genres, music has been cut down to flakes. Music is suffocated. This album is a challenge to bridge between now and the time before the first bifurcation. To alternate the future”.

Listen to ‘BC’ here: