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Bon Jovi use Google Glass on stage, film world’s most boring live video

By | Published on Thursday 1 August 2013

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi keyboard player David Bryan recently wore Google Glass on stage at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. So that’s fun, isn’t it? Showing off the awesome power of Google’s new face tech, the band uploaded a video shot by Bryan to their YouTube profile, and the results are… well, let’s not get too excited about anything just yet, eh?

For some reason, none of the actual performance features in the video, probably because the sound is utterly awful. But fans of corridors will be excited to know that we do get to see around the back of the stage and what it’s like to climb up a step ladder.

But, hey, what did the owner of the glasses, PR guy Chris Barrett, think of it all?

Well, he told C-Net: “I kind of didn’t believe that I’d actually get to share my Google Glass with the band. I got to give demos to the entire band, management, family, and even some of the security at the stadium. I knew this was a moment of rock history. This was the first time Google Glass has ever been on stage at a sold out stadium concert. I think this is the most futuristic point of view concert video ever. This was the most amazing night of my life”.

Oh, so apparently I was wrong. It is actual very exciting indeed, I was completely mistaken early. Behold, the most futuristic point of view concert film ever made: