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Bono and The Edge discuss problematic musical

By | Published on Wednesday 24 November 2010

Bono and The Edge off of U2 have been discussing their Broadway musical, ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark’, which has been beset by problems, from endless delays, to a skyrocketing budget nearly bankrupting it, to lead actors dropping out and, most recently, to safety concerns pushing back the opening night yet again.

Speaking to Billboard, Bono said that putting together the show was “easier than we could ever have imagined. Harder than we ever thought”. He explained: “I mean, easier in the sense that the music came to us effortlessly. Dreaming up the show, the scale of it, the flying sequence, the pop art opera that it is – that was all pure joy. What we didn’t realise was how difficult it is to stage this stuff, both technically and financially”.

The singer continued: “Is there jeopardy? Yes. Because it’s technically very difficult. It has never been achieved before – the kind of scale of what we’re looking for. There may be very good reasons. We’re going to find out. The expense of it? A lot of it was the delays”.

The Edge summed up the possible outcomes of the show neatly, saying: “If the rabbit comes out of the hat, we will be, I think, rewarded. If the rabbit comes out of the leg of the trousers, we could be figures of fun for a few days. Or worse. Maybe looking for a job”.

The first preview of the show is due to take place this Sunday, almost a year later than originally planned.