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Box TV launches new featured track programme

By | Published on Monday 3 November 2014


Box TV – the music telly company co-owned by Bauer Media and Channel 4 – last week announced a new flim flam called The Fast Track, in which one new track will be picked each week which will then get a regular short promo spot across The Box, 4Music and Smash Hits TV channels encouraging viewers to check out the song’s full video on the Box Plus website.

The featured video will also be a-listed across the network, which presumably means viewers could just stay tuned into to their Box channel of choice and see the Fast Track video via their telly screen.

But I suppose that would require a little patience, and we’re targeting the attention-lite second-screening channel-hop-happy pop-consuming Snapchat generation here. Really we need to beam the video directly into their brains as soon as the slightest neuron activity implies even a passing interest.

Says Box TV’s Music Director Mark Adams: “The Fast Track is an evolution of our highly successful VIP Track Of The Week and will drive huge awareness of the video across Box TV’s network, and offer viewers immediate access to watch the full video at New music is at the forefront of what The Box stands for and with the recent launches of #BoxUpfront Artist Of The Month, The Upfront Chart and our brand new music show HotBox, we’ve never been more committed to supporting up and coming artists”.