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BPI boss to stand down next year

By | Published on Thursday 4 August 2022

The boss of UK record industry trade body the BPI, Geoff Taylor, has announced that he will stand down from the role next year, with plans to move into a more directly commercial role. He will stay with the organisation for the rest of the year, in part to help with the recruitment of a successor.

He has been with the BPI for more than fifteen years, and led the trade body during what was initially a very challenging period for the record industry as the shift to digital caused a slump in recorded music revenues, until the streaming boom kickstarted a new era of growth.

During the tricky times the industry looked to its trade bodies for support in navigating the transition to digital, especially in leading the legal and logistical battle against online piracy, and in seeking various copyright law reforms. That included getting new anti-piracy measures into law, extending the copyright term for sound recordings in Europe, and putting pressure on internet giants to do more to stop copyright infringement on their networks.

More recently, as the economics of music streaming has become a big political talking point in the UK, the BPI – alongside organisations like AIM – has also been representing the label community within that ongoing debate.

Taylor’s decision to stand down follows the recent appointment of a new Chair at the BPI, with YolanDa Brown taking over from Ged Doherty. He also departs as the organisation gets ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Confirming his departure, Taylor said this morning: “It has been a great privilege to lead the BPI during such a transformational period for British music. With a new Chair appointed and our 50th anniversary next year, it feels like BPI is opening a new chapter. After much reflection, I have decided that running the BPI for fifteen years is enough for any moderately sane individual and that now is the time to use my experience more directly in a commercial environment”.

“I have agreed to stay on until early 2023 to help our new Chair YolanDa Brown find an appropriate successor”, he then confirmed, before adding: “I want to thank the brilliant team at the BPI, former Chair Ged Doherty, and our independent and major members for their wisdom, good humour and steadfast support. I wish YolanDa and all the members continuing success”.

Also commenting in the news, Brown added: “Geoff will forever be part of the BPI family. He will leave a tremendous legacy with many exceptional achievements and a strong team in place. I am grateful that he is staying with us to ensure a smooth transition and wish him all the best on his onward journey. I know we will enjoy our time working to ensure the future success of the BPI”.