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BPI welcomes BBC’s new prime-time music show 

By | Published on Friday 21 July 2017

BBC Music

Record industry trade group the BPI has welcomed the news that the BBC is launching a new prime-time music show, saying that it has long encouraged the Beeb to put a regular music-based programme back into its prime-time schedule.

As previously reported, the BBC is working with independent production firm Fulwell 73 on the new music show, which will initially air over a six week period. In addition to bands singing their songs, the new 30 minute programme will also feature celebrity co-hosts and comedy sketches, which don’t have to be awful. I mean, they sound awful in principle, but we’re an open-minded bunch here at CMU and are willing to wait and see what the new show is like. Even though it will probably be awful.

Confirming the various reports that a new pop music telly show had now been fully commissioned, BBC Music boss Bob Shennan said earlier this week: “The BBC is the biggest music broadcaster in the UK and we are always looking for new ways to bring music to our audiences. This series will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase the biggest and best UK and international bands and artists and we’re looking forward to working with one of the world’s most innovative and creative TV production companies”.

Meanwhile Gabe Turner over at Fulwell 73 said: “The BBC’s heritage in creating and broadcasting world class music TV is second to none – their classic music shows were a big part of our childhoods growing up as fans devouring everything pop culture. The range of genres and different styles that people are listening to now is more diverse than ever before, and it’s a great time to be making a show that gives a mainstream TV platform to the most exciting stuff out there”.

The record industry has been pushing for a regular prime-time music show on BBC One ever since the demise of ‘Top Of The Pops’, so labels will be hoping that this new format works and results in a more regular airing beyond the initial six weeks.

Welcoming the news, BPI boss Geoff Taylor said: “The BPI has been working hard to encourage the BBC to launch a new prime-time music series on TV, as part of its remit to showcase British culture and entertainment to the nation. It’s something we care deeply about, so we’re THRILLED that this new initiative can now be publicly announced. We wish the BBC and Fulwell 73 every success with the new programming, which will introduce many more fans to the fantastic new talent this country produces and will help sustain the success of British music at home and around the world”.