Brand comments on Sachsgate

By | Published on Wednesday 9 June 2010

Russell Brand has been chatting about the 2008 Sachsgate debacle, comparing the reaction of the press to him and Jonathan Ross leaving stupid messages on the voicemail of actor Andrew Sachs as being like “spilling a glass of water, and the wife comes down and shoots the dog”.

Looking back at the controversy, that forced him to quit his Radio 2 show and to Ross being suspended for three months from the whole BBC, Brand tells the Radio Times in a new interview: “I have the same perspective. Like when you’re a kid and you think: ‘These people, I don’t trust them. They’re all idiots’, and everyone says: ‘No, no, you’ll feel different when you’re older’. And I thought: ‘Well, I’ll wait’. Freeze-frame. Time-lapse. Der-derrrrrr. I am older now. And I feel exactly the same. So, either I haven’t matured or I was an incredibly perspicacious child. The jury’s still out”.

He continued: “As often is the case with comedy, at a junction I always take the road less travelled, the road of this’ll be funny, this’ll be funny, this’ll be funny. Sometimes there are casualties with morality, politeness. As I said at the time, it was impolite and I apologise for that. But as for all the subsequent reaction – it’s like you knock over a glass of water at your neighbour’s house and the wife comes down and shoots the dog”.