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Branson joins Murdoch in iPad mag developments

By | Published on Thursday 25 November 2010

So, we’ve discussed the future of traditional newspapers and magazines a fair few times here in CMU over the years, as publishers face the challenge of slumping print circulations and lacklustre internet advertising revenues.

With many consumers still seemingly resistant to paying for access to newspaper websites, many in the publishing industry reckon (or possibly desperately hope) that the future may be all about new-look iPad publications, specifically designed for use on tablet computers. It’s thought/hoped more people will be willing to pay to access such media.

And both Richard Branson and Rupert Murdoch are about to put that theory to the test by launching new iPad-specific titles. Murdoch’s iPad venture has been getting quite a bit attention over the last week or so, while Virgin Group has announced they will formally unveil theirs at a shindig in New York next week. Murdoch’s will be a news-based publication called The Daily, while the Virgin’s iPad mag will be more entertainment-focused and has been reported as using working titles of Project and Maverick.

Some experienced editors and journalists are on board for both projects. It will be interesting to see if [a] they’re any good and [b] people will pay for them.