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“Brexit is the dumbest thing Britain has ever done in my lifetime”, says Brian May

By | Published on Thursday 11 January 2018

Adam Lambert + Queen

Last time we quoted a British musician from an interview in a German newspaper, it resulted in that whole tedious thing with Morrissey. Although Brian May telling Welt Am Sonntag that Brexit is a “tragedy” and a “disaster” I think is going to prove less controversial. At least with 48% of the population.

Asked for his opinion on the British government’s continued attempts to leave the EU for no obvious reason, he said: “It’s a disaster, because the losses that are caused by it will be huge for us. Brexit is the dumbest thing Britain has ever done in my lifetime”.

“For me and for many other Britons, this is an absolute tragedy, because the story is going in the wrong direction”, he added. “It was always important to identify commonalities and to work together. Brexit destroys the work of a generation that has brought Europe together”.

As for the woman ultimately in charge of the whole thing on the UK side, May said he has little time for Prime Minister Theresa May, telling the paper: “She is, like Cameron before her, driven by vanity and thirst for power. It was wrong from the start to ask the British to vote on Brexit, most of whom had no idea [about the consequences]. I’m upset that a few politicians have managed to push us into this ditch. I sincerely hope that we can work it out again”.

Maybe he could release a rousing anthem for staying in the EU, akin to the classic ‘Badger Badger Badger’.