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Brian May launches perfume for badger fans

By | Published on Monday 11 January 2021

Brian May Save Me perfume

Like all celebrities, Brian May has launched his own fragrance. His is called ‘Save Me’. Although that’s not a cry of help for himself, rather he wants to save British wildlife. Some of the proceeds from the perfume will go to the Queen guitarist’s Save Me Trust animal charity.

Created in collaboration with perfume company Xerjoff, the fragrance has been widely reported as smelling of “sandalwood and badger”. That’s something “pals of the rocker” have claimed, according to The Sun. However, the actual notes for the product say sandalwood and musk, with pink pepper, jasmine, cyclamen and camomile. That could be what badgers smell of though, you don’t know.

“I’m excited about this unique collaboration”, says May. “My great friend Sergio Momo has, with great generosity, designed a new perfume to benefit wildlife, through the famous company he created – Xerjoff – working with the Save Me Trust. Compassion has never smelled so sweet!”

Momo adds: “Actively participating in the defence of animals rights with [Xerjoff’s charitable division] Spray To Help is an honour as well as a duty. Working with Dr Brian May and [Save Me Trust co-founder] Anne Brummer is a privilege, a wonderful experience marked by the sensitivity and love towards animals that we all should have and actively get engaged in”.

So, if you fancy heading out for your weekly supermarket trip emitting the sweet smell of badger, you can purchase a bottle of this stuff for the low, low price of just 235 euros. Although if that seems a little stingy, you can also buy a signed one for 500 euros.