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Brian McFadden announced as the face of Scottish vodka brand

By | Published on Tuesday 6 October 2015

Brian McFadden

Former Westlife guy Brian McFadden is the face of newly launched Scottish vodka brand Glen’s Platinum Vodka. It’s all very exciting. I know this, because it says so several times in the press release.

“I’m really excited to announce the partnership with Glens Platinum”, said McFadden, partly proving what I just said. “I have spent a lot of time with the team at Glen’s Platinum and I believe that we have created an extra smooth vodka, produced from the finest quality grain. Glen’s Platinum can be enjoyed on the rocks, with mixers or in cocktails – it’s certainly great when celebrating with friends and family!”

And that definitely sounds like something a real human being would say. McFadden has apparently been “working closely” with the Glen’s Platinum team and “visited several times the ‘home’ of Glen’s Platinum at the iconic Loch Lomond in the incredibly beautiful West Highlands of Scotland”.

Presumably you’ll all be able to get mashed out of your mind on the stuff when he plays Bush Hall in London on 3 Nov. Though I should stress that Glen’s Platinum is a drink to be savoured and enjoyed responsibly.