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Brian McFadden neither Australian nor new: Confirmed

By | Published on Tuesday 7 September 2010

Organiser’s of the Australian music industry’s big awards bash, the ARIAs, temporarily made former Westlifer Brian McFadden an Australian and a breakthrough artist yesterday.

Some industry types who get to vote in the ARIAs were surprised to see Brian McFadden listed as a possible contender for the Breakthrough Australian Artist category. Overlooking his Irishness, said voters pointed out that by having four solo albums since his stint with the mega-selling globe-trotting boyband made it hard to consider the boy Brian a ‘breakthrough’ anything.

When contacted by Aussie music business mag The Music Network yesterday ARIA bosses conceded McFadden shouldn’t have been on the eligible lists for that category.

ARIA Awards Producer Mark Pope said: “The ARIA Awards eligibility vetting process is rigorous, but not fool proof. In spite of three gates of checks and balances, still the odd anomaly slips through the cracks. Brian Mc Fadden may be a new Australian, but it is obvious, given his previous success, that he is not a Breakthrough Artist as defined in the ARIA Awards Eligibility Document. The situation has now been rectified”.