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Bring Me The Horizon and Bad Religion debate ageism and entitlement

By | Published on Monday 11 July 2016

Bring Me The Horizon

Backstage signs are fun, aren’t they? Like this one. Or the one that Bring Me The Horizon apparently pinned up backstage at the Resurrection Festival in Spain this weekend. Under a press shot of the band were the instructions for security staff, “These people are not to be stopped ever. They may not have a pass. They can escort who they want where they want with or without a pass”.

As Brooklyn Vegan spotted, Bad Religion guitarist Brian Barker spied the poster and uploaded a picture of it to his Instagram profile, with the caption “I’m going to stop these people every time I see them today and tell them how much their band sucks”.

After the picture was roundly mocked, members of Bring Me The Horizon got wind of it, with frontman Oli Sykes chipping in on the comments: “You should [have stopped us], I could of asked you why … you are playing under us, you sorry old wrinkly bastard. PS saw you a couple of times and you said nada. Willy Woofter”.

BMTH drummer Matt Nicholls added: “I can’t imagine being as old as you are and still acting like a fourteen year old girl. Saw you at least ten times and you didn’t bat an eyelid. You got bigger things to worry about nowadays anyway, like ya pension, or cold weather. Dickhead”.

Yeah, so those are some words they actually wrote down. But did they address the underlying issue at the heart of all this?

“It seems you’ve missed the point entirely”, Baker responded. “The issue here is entitlement. My post was a comment on your collective delusion that working local crew at a 30 band festival should be required to memorise your faces to spare you the indignity of breaking stride on the way to your backstage oasis or even worse, the humiliation of carrying credentials”.

He continued: “Your literal display of arrogance (and the hilariously unrecognised irony within it) was what I was sharing with my followers. I honestly don’t know if your music is bad or good – it’s not for old people! I meant that you suck as humans. Sorry for the confusion”.

So that’s that cleared up.