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EP Review: Broken Records – Out On The Water EP (Beggars/4AD)

By | Published on Thursday 5 November 2009

Broken Records

As ‘Out On The Water’ just flows past unassumingly, you might begin to wonder what happened to that wonderful melodrama and penchant for orchestral triumph that made Broken Records one of the most exciting bands in the country? For these five tracks – demos and rarities – it seems to have been traded in for a softer touch. Still, it sort of works, making for a collection that is just as romantic and wonderful as anything on the brilliant ‘Until The Earth Begins To Part’. With the electric guitars locked up, it’s nice to hear the cello and violin so intimately, blending with Jamie Sutherland’s vocals as though it was always meant to be. Perhaps not quite so exciting a prospect for a live show, but something to savour on record. TM

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