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Brown on standing up Bieber

By | Published on Tuesday 21 June 2011

Chris Brown

Justin Bieber was a little bit pissed off with that Chris Brown dude when their people arranged for them to duet on that previously reported new track ‘Next 2 You’, the song with the Armageddon style video. Why? Well, because the Brownster failed to show up on time, and the Biebster is a very busy guy.

Talking about the collab (as he seems to want to call it), Brown admitted in an interview with MTV: “I actually stood him up by accident. He was kind of mad. I was all the way on the other side of town handling some business – girl business – and I was rushing back. By that time, he’s like, ‘Man, I’m leaving, bro. I did it – just check it out’. And I looked at it and listened to it and I was like, ‘Man, this is crazy’. He’s a great kid”.

But Brown is still glad that he got to release a track with Bieber’s vocals on it, even if they didn’t get to chill together in the studio (while they did film the video side by side, the world was ending, so presumably that wasn’t much fun either). Brown continued: “Being able to collab was great. He’s a young, energetic cat, so being able to work with him, with the fanbase he has, was incredible. I know a lot of little girls are going to love this record”.