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Bruce Dickinson fighting to save Astraeus

By | Published on Thursday 24 November 2011

Bruce Dickinson

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has said he will try to save airline Astraeus (for which he worked as a pilot and marketing director) from administration. As previously reported, it was announced this week that due to technical problems and “extremely bad luck” the company was to cease trading, with Dickinson landing its final flight on Monday.

But, the singer told The Guardian, he believes it is possible to bring the company back form the brink. “Firstly, I’m already working on a plan to try to save Astraeus, or at least create a new business with new jobs for my friends and former colleagues at Astraeus”, he said. “This is a serious plan involving people who are very good at their jobs. I see the potential for a viable operation, should acquisition of the company prove achievable”.

He added: “I’m extremely upbeat about these opportunities, particularly the potential for a revival, in some form, of Astraeus. The enthusiasm is also fuelled by the deluge of messages I received from the second I switched on my phone after landing the last Astraeus flight on Monday, and, of course, the interest of a number of prospective investors. I will be back at the controls of a commercial airliner before I am very much older – but I may also be at the controls of the company that operates that airliner, and others like it”.