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Bruce Springsteen rescued by bikers

By | Published on Monday 14 November 2016

Bruce Springsteen

A group of bikers in New Jersey stopped to help a fellow motorcyclist who had broken down on Friday, only to discover it was bloody Bruce Springsteen.

Members of the Freehold American Legion were returning from a Veterans Day event when they noticed the stranded rockstar. They attempted to get his bike started again, but were unable, so Springsteen, who grew up in Freehold, New Jersey, jumped on the back of one of the group’s bikes and they all shot off to a nearby bar to await further assistance.

“Bikers gotta stick together”, the group’s Dan Barkalow told The Guardian. “I stopped to see if he needed help, and it was Bruce. We sat there [in the bar] and shot the breeze for a half hour, 45 minutes till his ride showed up. Nice guy, real down to earth. Just talked about motorcycles and his old Freehold days”.

Although not a former soldier himself, Springsteen is reportedly eligible to officially join the Freehold American Legion because his father is a veteran. Though he might need to get his bike working again first.