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BTS’s Jungkook says he wiped Instagram account “to make it look nicer”

By | Published on Wednesday 8 June 2022


Barely a day goes by these days without some pop star wiping their Instagram account, whether to leave it blank to start promoting a new project or to just make some point about… something. But it’s generally not as dramatic as it seems, because those removed posts can be easily restored. Oh, unless you actually do delete everything, like BTS member Jungkook did recently.

Usually people would just use Instagram’s archive feature to simply hide all their old posts from their public profile. Those archived posts can then be brought back later, should the mood take you. Simple. Although only if you know that feature exists.

Allaying fans’ fears that something terrible had happened to make him delete all of his old Instagram photos, in a new live video chat on Vlive Jungkook explained that he was just trying to tidy his account up. He insisted that there was “absolutely no [negative] reason at all” for the decision to remove all the old posts.

“It’s not because something happened”, he said. “I just didn’t like how it looked. Communicating with you on Instagram through posts is really precious and great, and I have it all in my heart”.

That’s not to say he didn’t feel a little crestfallen when he realised that he could have just archived the posts instead of actually deleting them. “I do think that it’s too bad that I just erased it all”, he went on. “I didn’t know you could archive pictures, I just wanted to make it look nicer”.

Whatever, there’s enough stuff on the internet already, it’s probably better that he deleted everything rather than just leaving it in storage getting (virtually) dusty. In fact, everyone should delete everything right now. If only to make some space for new BTS anthology album, ‘Proof’, which is out this Friday.