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BuzzFeed coming to Snapchat, but Warner dropping off

By | Published on Friday 24 July 2015


Hey Snapchatters, BuzzFeed is coming to your snapping and chatting app of choice, as one of three (maybe two) new media providers being added to the Snapchat Discover channel that was launched back in January, according to Re/code.

Snapchat Discover offers a small family of media and content providers with the opportunity to push nuggets of their output into the faces of the kids as they snapchat with friends, and is part of the messaging app’s attempt to build an advertising business, having an actual revenue stream being a useful way for the start-up to justify its nutty valuation.

American newsy website Vox is also set to get a blob in the Snapchat Discover channel, though it seems that the new arrivals will be replacing some of the incumbent Snapchat content partners, with Warner Music, the main musical participant in the experiment (other than MTV, is that still music?), one of those seemingly dropping off.